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It's what we did first, and it's what our business is founded on. Since 2004, Chris and our team have been focused on lining up great people with each other.

Whether new client or old, just let us know what you're looking for.


Temporary Staffing


After a decade, needless to say both the dining and labor market had changed remarkably. So in 2014, we began a new service: temporary, on-demand staffing. 

Looking for an experienced chef to cook to get your catering kitchen through crunch time? Just looking for someone to help clean up after your housewarming party? Relief chef? Got a no-show?




We know that staff are the foundation of any good restaurant. We also know that new or extra people don't fix every problem. In the 15 years since opening (plus countless years' of experience working in restaurants, for catering companies, and at events) we've pretty much seen and heard it all. We're here to help.