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About Us


We believe the hospitality industry is founded on one, simple ingredient: people


Established in 2004 by chef-turned-recruiter Chris Floyd, CRR has thrived for over 14 years. Through this time, we've become a strong team of individuals dedicated to providing the best service possible and making this industry we love a better one. 


Chris Floyd

Le Patron

Manages and oversees all day-to-day discharging of weapons, dog walks, and the retelling of kitchen fables.
The guy you need to know if you want to know about the jobs. 


Sharyn DeWalt

Fairy Job Mother

Once worked in Georgetown.
Proud owner of both a memory like a steel trap and steel-toed pumps.
Knows if you've been bad or good.


Tony Abreu

Devourer of Souls and Distributor of Puns

Pronounced "A Brew."
Etymology - From the Latin "Abreuhaha" meaning "a party, festival, or gathering where participants would swap head-wear often and excitedly, resulting in the colloquialism "to wear many hats";
Noun - One of boundless energy, resourcefulness, and realism.


Joe Riescher

Temporary Staffing Czar in a Permanent Fashion

a.k.a. "He of boundless patience";
Once worked in Georgetown.
Able to pull 1,000 humans out of his ass on 2 days notice.


Emily Ezell

Token Idealistic Millennial & CRR's First Certified Organic Associate

Administrative savant, coordinator of meetings, and the first person you'll meet, see, or speak to when reaching out.  






Capital Restaurant Resources

is a national recruiting and staffing agency with a Washington, DC focus. We have more than 80 clients, ranging from free-standing fast casual concepts to high-end restaurants and hotels.

Our grassroots approach to recruiting has allowed us to create, develop, and nurture successful relationships across the DC dining scene and beyond. Our hometown has not-so-quietly become one of the nation's premier dining cities.

CRR prides itself on our extensive network, and is a respected name within the industry. Our connections can and will lead to opportunities, both here and nationally, that you will not be able to find anywhere else.